A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook

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Bona Fortuna 1966

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Table of Contents

Editors &  Staff at Work


1966 Administration

Board of Education

Superintendent & Principle



1966 Faculty

Faculty Photos A-B

Faculty Photos C-G

Faculty Photos G-K

Faculty Photos L-M

Faculty Photos S-Z plus Engh & Isreales


1966 Seniors

Seniors: Amley-Barringer

Seniors: Beach-Borland

Seniors: Briggs-Calkins

Seniors: Camehl-Claxton

Seniors: Coates-Draves

Seniors: Elza-Fath

Seniors: Furgeson-Fry

Seniors: Gay-Havens

Seniors: Hayes-Huber

Seniors: Hulett-Klemkosky

Seniors: Klemkosky-Leuenberger

Seniors: Latoski-Maxwell

Seniors: Mazoni-Nankervis

Seniors: Nielsen-Revoir

Seniors: Robbins-Shaffer

Seniors: Slater-Swartzmiller

Seniors: Thompson-Varner

Seniors: Vincent-Wint

Seniors: Woods-Zilincik & Pictures not shown

Senior Class Officers & Class Fun

More Class Fun

Still More Class Fun


1966 Juniors

Juniors: Beden-Cross

Juniors: Daniels-Herkner

Juniors: Hildebrandt-Manticka

Juniors: McCrary-Pierson

Juniors: Raveling-Thompson

Juniors: Tucker-Zilincik & Junior Class Officers

Juniors: Class Fun


1966 Sophomores

Sophomores: Alexander-Cotterman

Sophomores: Draves-Hartshorn

Sophomores: Hatfield-Meyer

Sophomores: Mills-Relyea

Sophomores: Render-Wellman 

Sophomores: Wierman-Zilska & Pictures not available & Class Officers

Sophomores: Class Officers & Class Fun


1966 Freshman:

Freshman: Adams-Briggs

Freshman: Brown-Fishtorn

Freshman: Francis-Leonard

Freshman: Leonard-Peloubet

Freshman: Piper-Stoneburner

Freshman: Storms-Woods

Freshman: Class Fun



Varsity Football & Coaches

Junior Varsity Football 

    Football Highlights 

    Football Coaches & Players

Varsity Basketball

    Basketball Highlights 

Junior Varsity Basketball

Freshman Basketball

Varsity & JV Cheerleaders

Cheerleading Squads

Class Tournament Action


More Gymnastics





Health Careers

Junior Booster

Student Council

Student Secretaries

Library Assistants & Future Teachers



Teen Life

Pep Club




    Queen & Court

    Touchdown Triumph

Exchange Students

Class time


In Days of Old

When Knights Were Bold

Remember When...

more Remember When...

Class Activities...

... more C

Fun Time, M.H.S.

Custodians & Food Handlers

Yearbook Staff