A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook

Max's Family Values


The Tabor side of the Bishop family...

tabor_family.jpg (101843 bytes)  The Tabor family: Hazel, Grandpa Tabor, Burton, Clara, Grandma Tabor and Fannie.

fannie_grandpa_tabor_75.jpg (42668 bytes)

4_gen_tabor_75.jpg (66918 bytes)  Vernon, Max & Fannie (Tabor) Bishop and Orin Tabor (Four Generations)

grandpa_tabor_75.jpg (36082 bytes)  Grandpa Orin Tabor   


lauren.jpg (64598 bytes)  Lauren Grubaugh   clara_75.jpg (39060 bytes)  Clara (Tabor) Grubaugh

Lauren and Clara had a farm in Bannister, Michigan.

ester_gail_burton_75.jpg (78873 bytes)  Ester, Gail and Burton Tabor

Burton and Ester's farm was in Bannister, Michigan just across the road from the Grubaugh farm.

ken_hazel_61.jpg (122774 bytes)  Ken and Hazel (Tabor) Baxter

Ken was a Bell Telephone executive. They had two kids and lived in Flint, Michigan.

A Tabor Family Reunion:

tabor_1.jpg (76394 bytes)   tabor_2.jpg (80294 bytes)  tabor_3.jpg (106993 bytes)  tabor_4.jpg (93791 bytes) 

tabor_6.jpg (95050 bytes)  tabor_7.jpg (86269 bytes)  tabor_8.jpg (71084 bytes)  tabor_9.jpg (74380 bytes)

Burton, Jill and Ester at home in Bannister:

burton_jill_ester.jpg (152658 bytes)  jill.jpg (153696 bytes) 

Burton Tabor and sister Clara (Tabor) Grubaugh:

clara_burton.jpg (125129 bytes) 

Clara (Tabor) Grubaugh, Vernon Bishop & Burton Tabor at the Tabor farm:

clara_vern_burton.jpg (184619 bytes)