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Vernon Max Bishop:

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Vernon Bishop’s WW2 POW Story

(Transcribed from 3 handwritten pages)


Came down N.E. Dieppe, France May 10, 1944

Taken Prisoner on RailRoad E. of Dieppe May 13, 1944,

Considered as political Prisoner Because of Civilian Clothes.

In Prison at Rouen, France From May 15, 1944 to June 21, 1944

In Fren’s Prison At Paris, France from June 22, 44 to August 1, 1944

In Prison At Weisbaden, Germany From August 3, 44 to August 12, 44

At Interrogation Center in Oberursel, Germany From August 12, 44 to August 13, 1944. Supposedly Became American Prisoner of War August 12, 1944.


In Col. Stark’s Transient A.A.F. P.O.W. Camp At Wetzlar, Germany From August 14, 1944 to August 19, 1944.


In Stalag Luft. No. 6 the second. At St. Wendel, Germany From Aug. 20, 1944 to September 5, 1944


In Stalag Luft No. 4 “Kief Heide” At Gross Tychow Pommerania From September 9, 1944 to February 6, 1945.


Started on Forced March From Gross Tychow on Feb. 6, 45

Being told we were to March only 16 days or so.

Walked towards Swine Munde, across and down towards

Neubrandenburg crossing the Elbe River near Wittenburg

Heading towards Uelzen. Arriving in Stalag XI-B At Fallingbostel ,

Germany March 30, 1945. Left Stalag XI-B April 6, 1945. Walked

back to Elbe River crossing by Ferry (British planes overhead

continuously plus U.S.A.A.F. heavies) Marching towards Lubeck

again but didn’t travel too far because Russians were coming too fast

or other reasons. Gerry decided to surrender to English or Americans.

So started Marching back towards Elbe . Was Finally Liberated on

May 2, 1945 heading towards Lauenburg. Took Gerry Cars and

Trucks instead of walking which was about 35 or 40 Kilos.


Left beautiful Gerry Convertible At Lauren Burg Crossed the Pontoon Bridge

And Traveled to Luneburg by U.S. GI. Trucks Eating

Wonderful K and C Rations. Walked For 52 days Covering

Somewheres Around 900 Kilometers.

Taken to Canadian Airfield 100 Miles from Luneburg

Catching Plane May 8, To Brussels, Belgium .

Left Belgium by Train Arrived Camp Lucky Strike

13 May, 45. Taken Sick 15th

Taken to Rouen France To Cherbourge and Finally

Shipped For U.S.A. on June 9, 1945.



Vernon worked hard to become a HAM radio operator and kept current until Alzheimer's began to take it's toll when he was in his mid 70s...

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