A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook

Back to School Life: The Kids at Meridian High, G-L 


Seventh Grade...



High School Graduation... reunion_connie_max.jpg (24252 bytes)  Connie with Max Bishop in 2001


Having known Connie since seventh grade, I have a couple of good stories to tell about her but, being the sexiest girl I knew in High School, I probably should ask her if it's OK to repeat them.  


An edited email from Connie Hulett Herr to Max Bishop in August of 2000:


…I'm Grandmother to a 10 year old, (Brad) and his brother (Adam) who is 17...  my son married his wife along with her 3 year old, and I've had him ever since.  He's a great kid (for a teenager... funny, but I do remember those days).  He folks are tearing their hair out, and I just laugh.  I know teenagers get over it sooner or later.  It's his job to push his folks buttons... I sure as heck did!  The younger one, Brad, is a straight A student with more com mon sense than any 10 year old should have.  He is a real joy!  My son has grown into a fine adult, and I don't think I deserve all the credit for that.  He was always a great kid.  Hard to believe he'll be 37 this year.  I did not have any more children, by choice.   I was afraid of parenthood... I was afraid of it the whole time I did it too!  Grandparenting is a lot more fun!


Having gotten to 54 and survived I have a long history... so many of the kids we went to school with are really survivors... of one sort of another.  I feel I was very fortunate.  I have a wonderful husband of 16 years...  Divorced the first one after 5 years  (to give you an idea of the kind of man he was and is, he still lives in Midland and does not see his son, and has never seen his grandchild).  The second one I divorced after 9 years... again I didn't choose well.  He has since passed away.  He truly was a blessing in disguise.  Without him I wouldn't have be com e the person I am today.  The lessons I learned while living with him were the best I ever had.  I'm not saying they were easy or fun, they were just good!  (I stayed 4 more years after learning he was running around with a 19 year old, while his 18 year old was living with us... he was 42)  Gosh, I knew how to pick them...  just kept playing the family record.  Bill, my husband is 7 years younger than I am, is an attorney at Dow.  He's also able to do anything he puts his mind to from stained glass to building cabinetry to putting tile down on floors or walls.  I sometimes think he missed his calling.  He really is a wonderful person.  (And, by gosh, I deserve him)... 


I worked for Dow for 25 years working up from a secretary to paralegal.  Moved to California and became Manager of Dow's Visitor Center at the Pittsburg, CA plant.  That was my most creative job.  Loved it so much, that when we were to transfer back to Midland (1993) decided to retire rather than go back to paper pushing.  Then, before we even got back to Midland, they transferred us to Maryland just outside of Washington, D.C.   We were there three years, and we're now back here.  After getting back here, I opened a shop for upscale consigned furniture, and found it too darn time consuming so turned it over to my daughter-in-law (Mary) to run with her knitting materials business... it's soon to be 4 years old and doing well...  so now I'm working as an interior designer with one of the design firms here.  I work only when I want to work...which really isn't work anyway.  I just like having my time to myself.  Always have.  ..And I'm still trying to get away from Midland and stay away, but somehow keep com ing back.)  I do not in any way like cold weather.  I tell people, "When I die and go to heaven, it's going to be California." ... and I'm not joking. 


It sounds as though you had good time after getting out of old MHS...  I would really like to hear from you.  I don't remember the people you mentioned to Diana, though she was a year behind me, and she would have known them better than I would have.  I have run across a couple of class of '64 graduates in the past couple of years who are still here.  I did hear that Dave Husted (I believe on the West Coast) passed away and that Bob Root (who was a little ahead of us and from Hope) also passed away.  It always makes me sad to hear those things.  


I know this has been a rambling note; just wrote it as it came to mind.  I hope it makes some kind of sense. 


I look forward to hearing from you, and should you ever make it back this way, please let me know.  I'd love to meet your family and laugh over the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth.