A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook

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The kids at Meridian High, G-L


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Janice Gay [66]:  

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Aaron Geiling [67]:


Pam Geiling [65]:  

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Danny Getgood [66]:  

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Gail Getgood [65]:  

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An edited email from Gail Getgood Wirtz to Max Bishop in January of 2000:


…I haven't left the area and live in Midland.   I have been married for34 years and have 2 grown sons.   I have worked at Dow for 31 years and am starting to think of retirement.  My husband is 7 years older than I am and we expect that he will retire next year when he turns 60.


I am friends with Jim and Cindy Pozenel.  Jim was the class of 1966 and he always works on his class reunions every 5 years.   I do see Bob and Mary Lou [Pyle] from time to time.   I also remember everyone you mentioned although most except Carol were a class behind me.  Carol went to school with me from kindergarten all the way through high school.


I'm really glad that you took the time to write and sure wish I had some of your weather now. We've been getting snow and very cold (below zero) weather.


Best wishes,


Gail Getgood Wirtz



Janice Gillespie [65]:

66_gillespie_j.jpg (137480 bytes)



To a real swell guy. I'll never forget your cute little smile.

Be good to all the girls and love them all.

Love ya,




I liked to dance with Janice at lunch time. She always forgave me when I stepped on her feet. I also remember a time when Danny Morse confessed a serious lust for Janice. I don’t know what ever became of that…  


Bianne Gordon [65]:

65_gordon_b.jpg (196647 bytes) 

Byron A. Gordon, 90, of Sanford, Michigan, died Jan. 29, 2009, at the Kindy Adult Foster Care.

Byron Gordon, the son of the late James N. and Virginia (Crothers) Gordon was born on Oct. 6, 1918, in Harrison, Michigan, where he was raised and educated; graduating from Harrison High School in 1939.

In 1941 he moved to Sanford and in 1946 he bought Byes Garage. He sold Mobil gas, did auto, motorcycle and snowmobile repairs. In the early 1970s he bought a Yamaha dealership and received the top state seller award. He enjoyed trap shooting and was a 3rd place world champion. Hunting deer, duck and pheasant was a favorite hobby until age 89.

Byron was survived by his sons, Jeff Gordon, Brad (Debbie) Gordon and Tom (Carol) Gordon, all of Hope; his daughters, Bianne (Leo) Martonosi of Holland and Peggy (Jodi) Clerc of Breckenridge; 10 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by eight brothers and sisters and his children's mother, Bonnie Gordon in 2001.

Funeral: Wilson MILLER Funeral Home, with the Reverend Dr. Janet Larner of Sanford United Methodist Church officiating.

Interment in Sanford Cemetery.



Bill Goulette [65]:


Linda Grant [64]:  




Major Life Events:

B.S. degree from Central Michigan University. Marriage and divorce. Trip to Europe. Travel in Michigan to art fairs. Member of a bluegrass and folk band.


Current Activities:

Teaching and music.



Hiking, swimming, trail riding, camping and travel.


Future Plans:

To continue what I am doing.



Travels many European countries, Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida. Have always lived in Michigan; Mt. Pleasant, Fremont, Midland, Traverse City, Sanford and Beaverton.



Mrs. Davids; excellent English teacher. I give her credit for my writing skills and have com e to appreciate her teaching methods and values. Mr. Sanford ; I would not have attended CMU if he had not spoken to me and my parents about it.



Art shows that I've been accepted in and music I've played.



Central Michigan University, Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University.


Awards or Prizes:

Five numbers in the Michigan Lottery!!



Lynn Grant [65]:  


Linda K. Gransten [64]: No Senior photo.


Dick Grice [65]:


Gary Grice [66]:


Sally Grice [66]:


Dennis Grubaugh [67]:


Duane Grubaugh [66]:


Kay Gunterman [65]:


Larry Hackett [65]:


Richard P. Hale [64]: No Senior photo.


Betty Hall [67]:


Mary Hall [65]:


Sue Hand [64]:  

    muto_hand_02.jpg (161820 bytes)  Tom and Sue (Hand) Muto

Sue Hand's page...



Grace Harman [66]:  

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Linda Haskell [67]:


Dennis Hatfield [66]:  

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Irene Havens [66]:  

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As noted in my memories of Marlene Beavers and a party at her house, when someone asked what happened to Irene Havens (her mother may have shown up to take her home?) and we began an urgent search.


Apparently, Irene had left with Dave Fink and they been gone for quite a while. Dave had com e to the party in a boat from his house across the lake so a few of us stumbled down to Marlene's dock in the dark to see if we could find them. As we got to the dock, Dave and Irene were just returning after a boat ride. Nothing was said about where they went on that ride but, but as she got out of the boat, Irene didn't hesitate to show us Dave's class ring on her finger and mention that they were now going steady.


Until the '66 class reunion in 2001, that was the last I remember of Irene but I do remember seeing Dave Fink at least one more time after that.


After lots of emails and meeting her again at a class reunion, I think I know more now about Irene Havens than I ever knew about her in school.


  An edited email from Irene Havens Korvun to Max Bishop in June of 1999:


…Well after high school, I worked at Midland National Bank for a while, with Marjie Wendt.  I married that August.  I was married to Roger for 22 years.  We adopted one son in 71 and then I gave birth to our second son in 75.  I worked off and on during those 22 years.  We lived outside of Flint during most of our marriage.  In 86 we moved to the Pontiac area and I started working for an automotive supplier.  I was in Human Resources for 11 years with that com pany.  In 88 I got a divorce.  I remarried in 92 to a wonderful man.


I currently have six grandchildren and one on the way in January.  They range in age from 8 to almost 2 years of age.  All of them beautiful.  Ha Ha.  I'm not prejudiced in the least.


I don't know if you graduated before the new Meridian High was built but my mom worked as a cook at the school for almost 9 years.  She worked with Dee Shaffer in the cafeteria.  Mom and Dad still see Rex Wendt.  He has done some remodeling for them.  I don't see many of the old school chums living so far away.


I just heard from Eric Crawford, he said that he and Ann Belert have been divorced for some years.  He still hears from Mike Bernier , they have remained friends since graduating.  Eric lives out in California and owns his own construction com pany.  He does a lot of work in South America as well as Mexico and U.S.


Occasionally my folks run into some of the people that I and my brother and sisters went to school with.  Mom seems to remember a lot more of them than I do.  They live on Sanford Lake so they are around the old area.


I did manage to go to college in 88.  I waited until I turned 40 to make a major life change.  I got my bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a heavy emphasis on Human Resources.  I may go back for my Master's but now I work for a com mercial Heating and cooling contractor and I do bookkeeping, dispatching, Human Resources etc.  So I keep busy.  Besides, I'm thinking about retiring as soon as possible.


My husband and I have made some good investments so maybe early retirement will be feasible.


Well better go, my husband will think I left him for my computer.  Good to hear from you.  If I get any information about any of the old Meridian gang I'll let you know.


Irene (Havens) Korvun



Ramon Hayes [66]:  

66_hayes_r.jpg (136403 bytes)


Steven C. Hayes [64]: No Senior photo.


Diana Hect [64]:  


Kathy Heikkila [66]:


Debra Heikkila [66]:


Carol Heppner [65]:  


    Carol_Heppner_Dekraker.jpg (167485 bytes)   Carol Heppner's Page:


Gale Herkner [67]:


Edwin Hess [65]:


Linda Hess [64]:

   lin_mom_geo2.jpg (71625 bytes)



Margo Hess [66]:


Annalee Hildebrandt [64]:  


Gary Hildebrandt [67]:  


M. Hiltunen [66]:

66_hiltunen_m.jpg (188768 bytes)


Cheryl Hiner [64]:



C. Hirschfeld [66]:

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Rebecca Hodges [67]:  


Bonnie Holsinger [66]:

66_holsinger_b.jpg (148130 bytes)


Joyce Hoot [65]:  



            Don't forget all the fun we had

            Together.  How about the time

            we.... went to the library. Try to be

            good & when you get old & dream

            of days that used to be don't forget

            dear ol' Meridian! Have fun in Lansing

            this summer & don't do anything I

            wouldn't! Of course, I'll have to admit

            you'll have to have a little fun but if

            you can't behave, be careful.

            Best of luck in everything you do,

            (you might need some extra luck!)


                                    God Bless ya!





The Hoots lived south of us on Eastman Road and my parents would go there sometimes to play cards. Joyce was cute but, while we were growing up, I never paid much attention to her. Whenever I was at their house, I probably spent most of my time with her older brother Ken doing 'guy' things.


At Meridian, I think that Joyce and I may have had a class together and got stuck with some project that required library research.  Ruth Bailey could have been involved in the same project and offered to drive 3 of us to the Dow Library. I don't remember who was riding shotgun with Ruth but Joyce and I sat in back.  Anyway, in an effort to mix a little business (school) with pleasure on the way to the library, Joyce and I started making out in the back seat. As I sometimes did, I got a little carried away and when I kissed her a little too long and a little too hard, she ended it by pushing me away coughing and gasping for breath. After she got her breath back she started laughing. I must have acted a little embarrassed cause when she stopped laughing she told me that she had a cold and just couldn't breath through her nose while we were kissin'. At that point, we'd attracted too much attention from the front seat so we quit neckin'. I don't remember if I learned much or we got too much done on our school project but I did have a lot of fun that night.  I sure did learn how to take a girl's breath away, though!



Ken Hoot [64]


Becky Horton [64]:



Tom Horton [67]:


Diana How [65]:  

65_how_d.jpg (196500 bytes)


David Howard [66]:  

66_howard_d.jpg (193093 bytes)


Prudy Howard [64]:  


Ann Howe [64]:  


I didn't know Ann very well but boy, did I like this yearbook entry ;-))



            To one of the sharpest and

            sweetest guys I know.







Linda Hubbard [65]:


Edited email from Linda Hubbard Bush to Max Bishop in March of 2002:


… Last summer we rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and in the fall spent a long weekend in Phoenix and Sedona.  We thought Arizona was wonderful and you are fortunate to live in such a diverse area.
I still live in MI. and for the past one and a half years have lived in Frankenmuth.  I'm a nurse and have owned a medical case management com pany for the past fourteen years.  Prior to that I worked in a couple of hospitals in ICU and OR.

I married almost two years ago.  We were married in Glacier National Park at the Lake Macdonald Lodge.  I'm sure you are familiar with it having lived in Kalispell.  We love that area of Montana.  Did you like it there?
I have three grown children and four grandchildren.  My sons are both MI State Policemen, one in Hart and the other in Traverse City.  My daughter is a nurse and also lives in Frankenmuth. The grandchildren are the best!


We took the oldest grandson (10 yrs.) to Big Sky snowboarding last spring.  I wish I could keep up!  Last weekend we took Cameron (2 yrs) the only granddaughter skiing here in MI.  She loved it.

It is unbelievable that we have been out of school more than 35 years.  I talk to Linda Becks and Bianne Gordon a couple of times per year.  We now talk about our grandchildren and retiring!  I went to a class reunion in 2000. I thought everyone looked much the same, which was good…

Linda Bush


Linda Hubbard Bush, FEB. 14,15,16, 2002 011.jpg (455300 bytes)  Linda (Hubbard) Bush (2002)


Rod Hubbard [67]:


Charles Huber [65]:  


V. Huber [66]:

66_huber_v.jpg (194964 bytes)


Michael Hulbert [65]:  

65_hulbert_m.jpg (166832 bytes)


Connie Hulett [64]:  




Diana Hulett [66]:




Barbara Hulse [67]:


Linda Hulse [65]:  

65_hulse_l.jpg (154959 bytes)


Dave Husted [64]:  

64_husted_d.jpg (15039 bytes)


Kristine L. Husted [64]: No Senior photo.


Pamela Hyatt [65]:  

65_hyatt_p.jpg (186896 bytes)


Daun Inman [67]:


Donald Inman [67]:


Gary Kelsey [64]:



Lyle Jacobs [67]:


Penny Jenks [66]:  

66_jenks_p.jpg (201443 bytes)


Christina B. Jewett [64]: No Senior photo.


Christine Johnson [66]:  

66_johnson_c.jpg (143229 bytes)


Gary Johnston [64]:

Because I dated her after they broke up, I mostly remember Gary as JoAnne Sperow’s boyfriend.



Thomas Johnstone [64]:


Bruce Jones [67]:  



65_jones_m.jpg (194493 bytes)



Alan Kastl [66]:  

   reunion_al_kastl.jpg (39482 bytes)  Alan at 2001 Class of '66 reunion


Although we rode the school bus together for most of my school years, except for his interest in sports, I don’t remember much about Alan while we were at Meridian.


Gary Kelsey [  ]


Judy Kelsey [67]:


Pat Kelsey [67]:


Donna Kennedy [66]:  

66_kennedy_d.jpg (195008 bytes)


Douglas Klemkosky [65]:

65_klemkosky_d.jpg (229786 bytes)


Judy Klemkosky [66]:  

66_klemkosky_j.jpg (154396 bytes)


Rita Kosnik [67]:


Carlotta LaFaver [64]:  


Ruth Lantz [66]:


Dale Laplow [64]:


Leroy Latoski:  

66_latoski_l.jpg (142683 bytes)


Ron Latoski [67]:


Robert Leigeb [65]:  

65_leigeb_robert.jpg (212637 bytes)


Ron Leigeb [65]:  


Ron lived about 3 miles from me in Mills Township and was a regular summer playmate while we were growing up. His parents were pretty religious and I went to summer bible school with them a few times.


Sandy Leigeb [67]:


Duane Leonard [64]:  


Betty Letts [65]:  

65_letts_b.jpg (199407 bytes)


Bob Letts [66]:  

66_letts_b.jpg (178875 bytes)


The Lett’s were a big family and I grew up with Bob’s brother Jim, who acted a little crazy sometimes. I always thought of Bob as the younger brother who inherited all of the marbles that Jim should have had.  



Christina Letts [64]:


Jim Letts [65]:  

65_letts_j.jpg (210897 bytes)


Clarence Lewis [67]:


Hugh Lewis [67]:


Kathleen Lewis [65]:


Jerry Leuenberger [65]:  

65_leuenberger_j.jpg (210751 bytes)



Bob Lightfoot [66]:


Sally Linton [65]:


Lloyd Loar [66]:


Wanda Lower [65]:


Ernest Lueder [65]:  


Margie Lueder [67]:


Gary Lynch [67]:


David Lyons [65]:



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