A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook


Here are some pictures of AeroSpec 2150 N2103Z.  It is a taildragger version of the tricycle landing gear plane that is based on the original Varga/Shinn/Morrisey design.   With some significant differences from the standard Varga, this airplane was built as an experimental by Max Bishop with help from Dan Delany.  N2103Z has a 160 hp fuel injected engine and the large bubble canopy gives the pilot and passenger outstanding visibility and its height easily accommodates taller pilots.

2103z_fl_1.jpg (257770 bytes)    2103z_fl_3.jpg (256482 bytes)    2103z_fr_2.jpg (272316 bytes)    2103z_rl_2.jpg (292779 bytes)    2103z_rr_1.jpg (295918 bytes)


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