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School Life

Max's life from Beginners through his first year of college. ..


Life's School

Max's life from his first year in the Air Force until...



Grandmas and Grandpas, Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins & kids...



   Varga Kachina

   Aerospec 2150

   Montanair Spirit


   Hangar Heaven


People, Places, Things...

Friends in high and low places and high and low things...


...and Other Stuff


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Kind of like a scrapbook, this is a collection of words and pictures that Max Bishop has  been saving for a long time and has decided to put all in one place. 











Max & the airplane

he assembled.  




The oldest of seven kids and son of Pat and Vern, Max was born in Midland, Michigan on July 20th, 1946 and lived there at 5400 N. Eastman Rd. until the Air Force flew him away in 1966.

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Max's Meridian High School Graduation theme was; 

"Out of School Life, Into Life's School" but first we have to start with School Life... 



Melody Bacon 

Ruth Bailey

Peggy Bailey

Mike Banks     

Marlene Beavers

Jerry Beebe

Greg Bigelow

Tom Boman

Joanne Boulis

Joyce Boulis

Kathy Bozer

Letetia Burkhardt

Darryl Burkhardt

Kay Carrigan

Joan Chase

Eric Crawford

Bob Davids

Janice Fath

Judy Fick

Dave Fink

Joanell Finney

Norma Francis

Sharon Furst

Gail Getgood

Janice Gillespie

Linda Grant

Sue Hand

Carol Heppner

Joyce Hoot

Anne Howe

Linda Hubbard

Connie Hullett

Diana Hullett

Clary Maxwell

Danny Morse

Mary Ann Morse

Bill Mills

Carol Newcomb

Kevin Nilles

Jerry Palmer

Bob Pyle

Audrey Richardson

Claudia Schrantz

Larry Sharick

Tom Shauger

Dave Schneider

MIchelle Tucker

Dawn Varner

Mary Varner

Pat Varner

MaryLou Woodruff

Connie Williams

Terri Zilincik

SCHOOL LIFE: from Kindergarten to College

Click on these words to read the part of Max's story from the time he entered School Life until, as the graduation theme suggests, he was inducted into Life's School ... (If you lived in or around Mills, Larkin or Hope Townships or in Sanford, MI, from 1946 to 1966, you might find your picture or a story about you there)


The pictures below and the names to the left are of some of the kids that Max grew up with...



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And then there was...

LIFE'S SCHOOL: ...on the job training for who, what and how to be...

School Life was interesting and often fun but, in hindsight, Life's School came all to soon. 

Click on these words to read about Max's introduction to Life's School.

Click on these words to see pictures of a happy summary of Max's Life School.

(... and the plan is to continue the life and the story ad infinitum   ;-) 


Lots of things have been said over the last several years about "Family Values".  Max got his values in lots of different ways from lots of different places.

vern_max_pat_reduced.jpg (95261 bytes)  Vernon, Max and Patricia Bishop in 1947

AIRPLANES ...  a.jpg (14979 bytes)

Much of his life has had to do with airplanes and, for 7 years from 1975 through 1982, Max worked at a small airplane factory in Chandler, Arizona called Varga Aircraft.  After the factory closed, he continued working an playing with airplanes and eventually built his own. 



This link will take you to stuff about some of Max's favorite people, places. things, words and thoughts.


...Other Stuff...  


...about life and how it is, or maybe should be, lived.




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