A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook

School Life: The Kids at Meridian High, A-F

Peggy Bailey's page...


As Ruth's sister, I had known Peggy Bailey for a long time.  Although she was a cute kid, a fear of being harassed for dating a freshman kept me from considering her as anything more than a friend until we met at a party in Greg Bigelow's basement.


Peggy's yearbook note to me has always been a reminder of what happened that night.



To a sweet guy that helps people with their problems.

May you get the girl of your dreams.


Love Always


                         Problem Child"


At the party, Peggy's sister Ruth and Greg Bigelow were paying a lot of attention to each other and, as most kids at basement parties do when parents are upstairs, they were doin' a little kissin' and a huggin' at every opportunity. Since Peggy and I were both unattached at the party, I tried to encourage Peg to do the same with me.


While dancing with Peggy (and being the excellent lover that I was) I kissed her on the left side of her neck and then on the right side of her neck. Next, I kissed her on the left ear and then on her right ear. Moving right along, I kissed her on the left cheek and then her right cheek. When I finally kissed her on the lips, she did exactly what you would expect a girl to do with an affectionate guy like me. She started to cry.


It turned out that she had a crush on Greg and was upset that Ruth was having such a good time with him. Although talking with a girl was a pretty alien concept to me at the time, Peggy and I com miserated over how she felt about Greg and how I felt about Ruth and by the time we went home she felt a little better. Of course, I felt a little worse because I didn't get to make out with either Peggy or Ruth but I guess, according to Peg's note, I'd done a good deed and that was at least some consolation.