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The Kids at Meridian High: A-F

At this point I should probably apologize to my daughter, Kylene.


From the time she started high school, I have been doing my best to convince Kylene that, for her own good, she should spend a lot more time on academic pursuits that would help to give her a better future and a lot less time thinking about her social life and about boys.


I'm afraid that those sincere admonishments are pure hypocrisy on my part.


As far as my own high school academic pursuits were concerned, I took the easiest courses that would let me graduate (like art and shop, no algebra or foreign languages, etc.) and only did the minimum amount of school and homework that I needed to do to get by. The pursuit of happiness was my number one priority and that meant being with friends and girls, being friends with girls, going to parties and ball games to meet girls, to dances and cruising for girls, to movies and makin' out, makin' out at the movies, girls and parking and parking with girls.


Fortunately or unfortunately, considering my mental, hormonal and emotional state as a teenage boy, much of what I remember from high school had to do with girls and sex (Well actually, although there were a few feeble attempts, while in high school there was no sex, as much groping and fondling as I could get away with, but no sex).  As you might guess, my apology has to do with the fact that most of the memories I have recorded are about that bias. I'm sorry about that but that is the way my brain was wired. Right or wrong, those were the memories that stuck and it can't be helped. 


In my defense, I must say that I don’t think my preference for girls was entirely unwarranted. I always thought (and still do) that girls looked good, they felt good (when they would let me feel), they smelled good, they tasted good and, for the most part, seemed to be a lot smarter than the guys I hung around with (sorry, guys).  I had to grow up with five brothers. Why wouldn't I rather be with girls?


Anyway, I do apologize and I hope you won't think too badly of me for appearing to be the male chauvinist that either culture or genetics or stupidity make me out to be.


In order to help keep things straight in my head, I went through the '64 yearbook and put all of the kid's names down in alphabetical order. I've listed the every one by name and graduation year. I’ve made com ments about those kids that were most memorable to me. That doesn’t mean that not everyone was memorable, it mostly just means that time has taken it’s toll and probably left me only with the memories that caused the most joy and/or pain.



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Diana Ahearn [65]:


Vivian Alexander [65]:


Nancy Amley ( Clark )[66]:  



Floyd Andrick [65]:   

      f_andrick_06.JPG (88201 bytes)

Annette Andrews [66]:  


Alice Arndt [66]:  


Eugene Arndt [65]:


Margaret Arnold [65]:


Pamela Armstrong [65]  


Ken Augustine [65]:  



Bruce Bacon [65]:  

Dave Bacon [64]:  


Melody Bacon (Briggs) [66]:  

   reunion_4.jpg (47683 bytes)



Judy Baibos [65]:  


Bill Bailey [66]:

I don’t remember much about Bill at the time except that he was Ruth’s younger brother and Peggy’s older brother.



Bob Bailey [65]:  


I don't know why I thought so because I can't recall a single joke or funny ad lib from him but my impressions of Bob Bailey are as one of the funniest guys I knew in high school. I'd like to see him again some day to find out why I think that. I hope he hasn't changed much. I'm pretty sure we went out drinkin' together at least a few times.   


...I met Bob again in 2006 at the Sanford Bar (Francis Grove)... 


Ruth Bailey [64]:   

   Ruth Bailey's Page: 



Peggy Bailey [67]:  Peggy Bailey's Page


Linda Banks [65]:  


Mike Banks [64]:  


My last memory of Mike Banks was after high school. I was at Francis Grove and Mike was there in his Navy uniform having either joined the Navy or been drafted. He was home on leave after his basic training. He and Carol Heppner and I spent some time sitting at a picnic table together while watching others dance. I think I tried to talk to him about his Army experiences but he really didn't want to say much.  He didn't seem to be very happy.  After my experiences in the Air Force, I could easily understand how he felt. 


Richard Barringer [66]:  


Carolyn Bashford [65]:


Cozette Beach [66]:

Although I knew who she was, I didn't really know Cozette in high school and met her at the Class of '66 reunion in 2006.


Marlene Beavers [66]:   

     Marlene_Beavers.jpg (54866 bytes)


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Linda Becks [65]:  


This is the yearbook entry from Linda Becks:



To the nicest guy at Meridian .

Never get out of practice and

lose that nack for dancing -

you're great! Best of luck always

in whatever you do and with the

very lucky girl. I know you're one

person I got to know at Meridian

that I won't ever forget. Be good or try.

Stay the way you are now.  Love


 I'm afraid that the yearbook entry is most of my memory of Linda.


Linda Beden [67]:



Marcia Beden [66]:  



Jerry Beebe [65]:  


Jerry recorded the following words of wisdom in my yearbook:



            Ole boy, ever since we've known each other

            we've had a few laughs together. We've also has a

            few lumps together like in English, but it was all in

            Fun. I'll always remember the fun times we've had

            together and you, ole pal who I enjoy knowing.




The "lumps" that Jerry is talking about is when guys used to punch each other in the arm over and over again until somebody said uncle. Dumb… real dumb.


I remember Jerry as being a real neat person...I mean, literally, very neat. His hair was always well combed, his shirt and pants were always well pressed and his shoes were always well polished. He even polished his white canvas shoes with liquid shoe polish. I also remember him as Joanell Finney's boyfriend.


I don't remember much about the specifics of when and where but we did pal around quite a bit in gym, in classes and in the hallways. The last time I remember seeing Jerry was in the Delta College cafeteria in the fall of 1965 not too long before I left for the Air Force. I had to drop out of school because I was drafted but I always hoped that Jerry would finish school and go on to do good things.


Mike H. Beebe [65]:  


Michael M. Beebe [65]:  


Sandra Beebe [65]:  


Sandy Beebe [65]:  


Anne Belert [66]:  


Susan Benjamin [67]:


Greg Bennett [67]:


Dennis Bernier [67]:


Michael Bernier [66]:  


Tom Bernier [65]:  


Greg Bigelow [65]:


I remember Greg Bigelow's red hair. Greg was funny and very bright and, with his parent's International Harvester Travel All 4WD Wagon, was way ahead of his time in the world of SUVs. There were a few adventures I had that included Greg and some other guys but they after I got out of high school. Maybe I’ll fess up about those some day.  


Raymond (Max) Bishop [64]  


Robert Black [66]:


Jack Blasdell [64]:  


1989 Class of 1964 Reunion Biography:



Major Life Events:

My two sons being born and, of course, getting married. The soccer team I was coaching took first place and a trophy. Having a job at Dow Chemical


Current Activities:

Work, Boy Scouts and trying to keep up with the work at home.



Reading and stamp collecting.


Future Plans:

Advancing myself in my job at Dow.


MHS Memories:

Mr. French taking Jim Sampson down to the office by the ear.


Classmates Have contact with:

Dave Schneider and Bob Fry.



She was down at her aunt's house when my parent's house burned to the ground. I left for awhile to get calmed down and went to her aunt's house. That's how we met.



Mrs. Davis- she was just a person you would remember because of the way she taught



Two years in the Army, one of which I spent in Vietnam .



In Midland is where we have lived, but have traveled to different cities. I have been out to Philmont Scout Reservation with the Boy Scouts.



With my job I am a fill in foreman. I have been married going on 24 years. I have coached baseball, soccer and I am an assistant Scoutmaster.



Joan Blasdell [67]:


Dwight Bloomfield [65]:  



Randy D. Bloomfield [64]: No Senior Photo


Carla Rae Boman [67]:


Chuck Boman [67]:


Dan Boman [65]:  


Tom Boman [64]:


Tom and I went to school together from at least the third grade on.  He was always the biggest kid in our class and we always got along well. Although we were the same age, he was kind of like a big brother when we were together. Other than his relationship with Ruth Bailey when they decided to get married, although I have lots of good memories of Tom while we were growing up, I don't remember much about him while we were at Meridian High even though I know that I should.


ruth_tom_boman.jpg (168396 bytes)  This was found in a collection of photos but the date and location are unknown... 


This is a newspaper announcement of Tom & Ruth's 40th wedding anniversary...

August 29, 2004


Gary Boots [64]:  


Mike Boots [67]:


Sheila Boots [67]:



Bill Borland [66]:  


Curt Boulis [65]:



Joanne Boulis [64]:   

I don't remember much about Joanne Boulis other than I think that she was Chris Jewett's friend at least at one time. I was surprised to discover that Joanne had married Butch (Carl) Seelhoff because I don't remember them dating at Meridian.   


Joyce Boulis [66]:

[No Picture]


One summer day Joyce Boulis came down to the beach at Francis Grove and sat down on the sand with several other girls. She was the only one there without a suit on and for some dumb reason, I decided to give her a hard time about it and throw her into the water. I managed to drag her, kicking and screaming, almost to the water when the girls on the beach also started yelling at me to stop.  Being the sensitive guy that I am (sensitive to the possibility that 5 girls might think of me as a real jerk) I stopped.








            WORK DONE. "64" JOYCE"


Penny Boulis [67]:  


Kathy Bozer [64]:  


Kathy was a life long neighbor, playmate and schoolmate. Kathy had an older sister named Linda and a younger brother named Billy. I think Bill still lives in the family home on Baker Road. Kathy's father and my dad worked together at Dow Chemical. They lived near us in Mills and Kathy's mom, Ev, and my mom were good friends and we were always going over to the Bozer house to visit. One reason I liked going to their house was that they had a floor to ceiling bookcase full of National Geographic Magazines. I sat on their couch for many hours and never finished reading them all. Unfortunately, Kathy died in 2010. 

Floyd Bradley [66]:


Barbara Braley [65]:  


Joyce Braley [67]:


Eddy Brandow [67]:


Ruthita Bredt [65]:


Russell Bricault [65]:


Carol Briggs [66]:  

66_briggs_c.jpg (135086 bytes)


Lynn Brown [66]:  

66_brown_l.jpg (201967 bytes)


Sandra Brown [66]:  

66_brown_s.jpg (185007 bytes)


Darryl Burkhardt [67]:


Except for the fact that he was Letitia's brother, I have only one memory of Darryl Burkhardt. On a leave from training while I was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois, I stopped into a department store to say hello to Ruth Bailey because I found out that she was working there. Ruth didn't have time to talk much so I left. When I got to the parking lot I saw Darryl pushing shopping carts back into the store. I probably remember this because I stopped and asked him about Letitia.   


Letetia Burkhardt [66]:    

     Letetia's page:


Jacqueline Burnham [67]:  (No Photo)


M. Burwick [66]:

66_burwick_m.jpg (163700 bytes)


Gilbert Bye [65]:  


Ilene Card [64]:



Connie Calkins [66]:


66_calkins_c.jpg (159214 bytes)



Betty Camehl [66]:  


66_camehl_b.jpg (155216 bytes)


Ilene Card [64]:


Major Life Events:

I bought two brand new cars. I have lived on my own for ten years. I got married at 29 years of age and have given birth to three children, now aged ten, eight and five. My jobs have included baby-sitting, Dow Chemical, Chemical Bank and Trust and Woodland Place Apartments.


Current Activities:

Wife, mother, church activities and taxi driver for my children.



Plants, sewing and cooking.


Future Plans:

A part-time job until all children are in school all day.



I have contact with Diana Hecht Zielinski, Ruth Bailey Boman, Linda Grant and Sue McGraw.



We both worked at Chemical Bank and Trust. He had just moved here from Detroit and wore an awful green pinstriped suit. It was in style for Detroit but not for Midland.



Mrs. Montague; When I first got into biology class I just knew I wouldn't make it.  She told me I could. I ended up with an A or A+.

Mrs. Davids; When my father died she took me to the beauty salon in Sanford and paid to have a perm put in my hair. Something to perk me up.



I have lived in Midland and Beaverton. I have traveled to California and drove to Florida and Tennessee and those states in between.



Marriage and children.



Night courses offered by Chemical Bank at Delta College.



James Card [67]:


Richard Card [67]:  


Kay Carrigan [65]:  

  Kay Carrigan's page...


Dick Case [64]:

At Meridian I continued to get along well with Dick Case but after I discovered in the 10th grade that his shopping tendencies included five-finger wholesale, I don't remember having much to do with him after I discovered that.   



Darlene Case [66]:  


66_case_d.jpg (187659 bytes)


Ellen Cassaday [66]:  


66_cassaday_e.jpg (152122 bytes)


Janet Varner Cassady [65]:


Deanna Cassady [65]:  


Jay Chapin [66]:  


66_chapin_j.jpg (193562 bytes)


Dorothy Chase [65]:  



Joan Chase [66]:  


Joan’s yearbook note read:



            Just a little room left for me to

            write. Good luck and may God

            bless you always. Be good always

            and you have many friends. Always

            remember the good times on the

            bus at night.

                                    A friend forever,



These nice words are most of what I remember of Joan. We did have good times on the bus. The morning ride was often cold, quiet and sleepy but the rides home were a time to wind down from the school day and just yak, play cards and generally horse around as much as the bus driver would allow.


I don’t have many specific memories about them, just a warm and fuzzy feeling that at least some of rides were, as Joan mentions, good enough that I should have remembered them.



Pat Chase [67]:  

[No Graduation Photo]

I only remember Pat as Dorothy and Joan’s younger sister. Pat is married to Roy Mason.


roy_pat_mason.jpg (143193 bytes) 



Ronnie Church [67]:


Judy Coin [65]:  


Danny Claxton [66]:  

66_claxton_d.jpg (168910 bytes)



Anita Clausohm [67]:


Dave Coates [66]:  

66_coates_d.jpg (160848 bytes)


Vicki Cohoon [67]:


James Cooper [64]:  


R. Cooper [66]:

66_cooper_r.jpg (163362 bytes)


William Cooper [66]:


Russell Cornman Jr. [64]: No Senior photo.


Sandra Coveart [67]:


Beverly Craig [65]:  


Kathy Craig [67]:


Eric Crawford [66]:  

66_crawford_e.jpg (163505 bytes)


More about Eric Crawford...



Beverly Cross [67]:


Denny Cross [66]:


Rose Ann Croutch [67]:


Cheryl Daniels [65]:  


Danny Daniels [67]:


Diana Daniels [65]:  


Sherry Dapprich [67]:


Bob Davids [65]:  


I imagine that almost everybody knew and liked Bob Davids. We were good friends from the time we met, even though we didn't seem to have a lot in com mon. We were both short but he was studious and I wasn't, he worked hard and I didn't, he was good at all sports and I wasn't, he came from a small family and mine was big, his parents were pretty well off and mine were not, he was responsible and I was irresponsible, he was reverent and I was irreverent and I could probably go on. Maybe just the fact that we were both short was enough.


One day in his English class, Mr. Reid was talking about sticking two things together and used the word adheses. Bob raised his hand and said "Mr. Reid, I don't think that there is such a word as 'adheses'. I think you mean 'adheres', don't you?"


"No" said Mr. Reid "I'm sure that the word is adhese."


The conversation went back and forth between Bob and Mr. Reid a couple of more times until it was suggested that we consult the dictionary. The word adhese wasn't there and Mr. Reid was sure that if we looked in the big dictionary in the library that it would be there. After class, we went do the library and looked. Of course it wasn't there.


I know, it's a dumb story but, when I think of Bob, that's one of the things that I remember.


Another little adventure prompted this entry in my yearbook:



                        Be good ole boy and always remember our fun "times" especially

                        the ones at McDonalds(?) Whatever you do in life, try to someday

                        run through the jungle and look at the pretty flowers and com e

                        home and let someone slug you with a baseball bat and don't let it

                        phase you a bit.- I know this will be hard but you and I know that

                        it can and has been done by an exceptional person.


                        Remember track & good luck in [the] rest of your life. Work hard when

                        You have to and you'll never be sorry. Look forward to the fun times


                                                Bobbie - Bob Inc.



What Bob wrote is a sort of a metaphor for something that happened when Bill Mills, Bob and I were dragging the drive-ins one Saturday night.


There were no spaces left to park, so Bill pulled into the parking lot of the store next door to McDonald's. Before we could stop, a car pulled in front of us to keep us from moving forward, another car pulled in behind us to keep us from backing up and the 8 guys in them piled out and proceeded to try and drag us out of Bill's Plymouth. Bob was riding shotgun and I was in the middle of the front seat between him and Bill. His window was open and some big guy kept punching Bill in the side of the head through the open window until Bill could crank it up and shove the door open enough to get out and defend himself.


Bob got pulled out and ran over to the Bay Station to call the police. That left me still sitting in the middle of the car with one guy on the left and another guy on the right both trying to pull me out of the car at the same time. They finally got their act coordinated and pulled me out on my head from the driver's side. When I got up one of the two hit me in the face a few times until, in an shameless appeal to cast aspersions on his character, I said something like "Hey fella, does it make you feel like a real man to beat up on someone half your size?".  Anyway, the ploy worked and he turned around walked back to the crowd where Bill was finishing his battle. 


Once he got out of the car, Bill was able to go after the guy who was punching him in the face and, after a few good smacks almost knocked him on his ass.  After he backed off, the big dude told Bill why they had ganged up on us. He and his friends thought that someone in a car like Bill's had reported them to the police for reckless driving or something and they were just looking to pay them back. After they figured it out to be a case of mistaken identity, everyone got back in their cars and drove away.


By that time, Bob had returned from the gas station after calling the police so we just waited until the policeman got there. As he was writing a report, the two cars that had stopped us drove through McDonald's and we pointed them out to the cop. He just looked up for a second, said something like "OK", and then continued to write out his report.  So much for the long arm of the law…


Fortunately, aside from our bruised egos, Bill only ended up with only a bruised face and me with a split lip and blood all over my shirt.


News must have traveled pretty fast and the next Monday at school, it seemed like everyone we knew had heard some version of a story about what had happened to us. Of course the topic was hard for me to avoid because I walked around with a band-aide on my lip for two or three days.


It turns out that that wasn’t the end of it though. Bob’s dad hired a lawyer to see what we could do about the boys who tried to beat us up. I think the lawyer’s name was Leonard [C.] Battle.  We were able to identify most of our attackers from my Midland High School yearbook. When we showed them to the lawyer, it didn’t take him long after he read their names to tell us that we should forget about any legal action. It turned out that several of the boys were sons of prominent citizens and/or Dow executives and Attorney Battle’s advice was that we probably couldn’t afford to do battle with their parents or any of their attorneys.


Even though nothing came of it, I always appreciated that Bob and his dad cared enough about Bill and I and our injuries (as slight as they were) to try and do something like that.


More than a year before he was old enough to get a driver’s license, Bob had a car. Bob’s dad sold lake front property and, in one sale, he traded a lake lot for an Alpha Romeo sports car that he gave to Bob.  Of course, this was both a blessing and curse. Imagine, being a teenage boy, having this beautiful car sitting in a garage, looking at it day after day and being unable to drive it, for more than a year. Talk about being ‘all dressed up with no place to go”!!! 


When he was eventually able to drive, it was real cool to ride shotgun with him. That did have its drawbacks though. On at least one occasion that I remember, we went to a dance where he met a girl. Bob decided to take the girl for a ride but, having only 2 seats, there was no good way for me to invite someone to go along for a ride as well. Naturally, being a finicky sports car, it must have stalled somewhere and some dark back road but, fortunately for me, poor Bob got it started in time to bring the girl back to the dance at closing time. Unfortunately, I got stuck at the dance alone until Bob eventually returned.  Although I really like sports cars, I sure was glad when he traded his Alpha in on a Pontiac GTO.


Bob was as passionate about sports as he was good at them. I think Bob went out for everything except baseball. Although much shorter than the average player, he was especially good at basketball.


We did a little better in the ‘62/’63 season but we only won a couple of games in the ‘63/’64 season. I remember one home game pretty well. I think it may have been with Bullock Creek. The guys were playing very hard and the game was very close all evening.

I’m not real excitably but that night was think I was yellin’ so loud that the people sitting next to me were covering their ears and telling me to keep it down a little.  Bob was playing his heart out and I think that we were ahead until the last few minutes when the other team got another couple of baskets and did us in.


Bob looked like he took it pretty hard so I went to the locker room to congratulate him for his effort and to try and cheer him up a little. Whatever I said sure didn’t work because I can still remember seeing his face as he broke down and cried. That was probably just the start of what I think was one of the most emotional nights in my life. I’ll add more to the story when I talk about Carol Heppner.


I have other stories about Bob but most concerned events that happened in the summers of ’64 and ’65 in the transition from School Life to Life’s School.  Later…  


Another recollection:


I think that their friendship may have developed after I graduated but I learned from Connie Williams when I met her again in 2003 that she had also been good friends with Bob Davids. What follows is part of an email reply that I got from Connie after I told her of my experiences with Bob...


...You shared your experience with Peggy [Bailey] at a party at Greg's.  I don't know if it was the same party or not but I was at one of those "mash-outs" and with Bob Davids!

We had found a quiet corner and necked the whole time. I didn't even know who else was there. My hair was a real mess when I got home and I caught holy heck and was almost grounded. (There's some real psychology here as to why but will do that latter).

I never knew that you and Bob were buddies and I really enjoyed your memories. The sad thing is I still talk to Bob a lot and never got over his death. He was my first experience with the death of a friend and I think of him a lot.

We were each other’s standby when our current 'romances went wrong. I was trying to pursue Clay Maxwell (that relationship was a cat and mouse game through freshman year at college...another story) at the time and turned down two dates to the Home com ing Dance my Junior year in hopes that Clay would ask me.

I was never so angry at him when I found out he had asked a new girl, Collette Beach !!! Never had my pride so bruised. Happened to talk to Bob the day of the dance and his plans were botched too. So we decided to go together. I had no dress to wear so I quickly went shopping. All I could find was a nice a-line black dress with a white lace collar.  This was the first black my mother would let me wear because black was for older women, you know. ish.  So we went to the dance and had a good time with each other but I think both of us were spying on our true desired dates!




We didn't see much of each other the rest of his senior year. But he did look me up at Michigan State when he transferred to apply for Medical School . As it turned out he was denied admission and was totally destroyed. We dated for a while and I tried so hard to make him feel better and to find a new road. Well, I must admit that things proceeded further than I had planned but college girls are college girls...or something like that, Shortly after that he returned to the love of his life, I can't recall her name right now [Mary Jo?], and continued to be happy. The next thing I hear is he and she were on a ski trip and Bob was killed instantly in a head on crash.

Mary Jo was badly hurt and took years to recover. I know because on my first job out of college I worked with her sister...what a small world!!

So I wanted to go to Bob's funeral...only had one black dress to wear in my closet...I wore it then and never again. As I said I am still mourning for Bob.


Truly yours.




Kathy Davis [65]:  


Barry Dice [66]:  

66_dice_b.jpg (148392 bytes)


Roger Dice [67]:


Patsy Dice [66]:

I only remember Patsy Dice the younger sister of twins Wanda and Wilma's who lived a couple of houses north of us on the other side of Eastman Road. Wanda and Wilma both got married before they graduated from high school.  I don't know what happened to Patsy.  


66_dice_p.jpg (195865 bytes)


Joe Doremire [66]:


Merl Ann Draves [67]:


Susan Draves [67]:


Ted Draves [66]:  

66_draves_t.jpg (132420 bytes)


Ray Duby [65]:


Phyllis Dunn [65]:  


Sharon Edgar [66]:

Other than the fact that she is tall, since finding her on the Internet, I know more Sharon Edgar today than I ever knew about her in high school. Sharon moved and left Meridian and graduated from Shepard.


Terry Elmore [64]:  


Linda Elza [65]:  


Sherry Elza[66]:  

   reunion_4.jpg (47683 bytes)


Ernest Erskine [66]:  

66_erskine_e.jpg (159013 bytes)


Evelyn Erskine [66]:  

66_erskine_ev.jpg (170439 bytes)


Marilyn Everly [64]:  




Major Life Events:

Twenty-two years at Dow Chemical

Current Activities:

Work and hobbies



Sewing; I make most of my own clothes. Bowling, golf, needlework and music. I play the piano and organ. I've been the church organist since high school.


Future Plans:




We met at the candy/cigarette machines where we worked in the same building at Dow Chemical. He was waiting for my friend and I to make up our minds on what we wanted.  His first words to me were, "typical female".



I've made about nine or ten trips to Hawaii. I lived there for eight months in 1970.



Attended Central Michigan University for two years.  




Doris Evilsizer [67]:


Barbara Faber [66]:  

66_faber_b.jpg (163693 bytes)

Mike Farquharsen [67]:

Dale Fath [66]:  

66_fath_d.jpg (159742 bytes)


Janice Fath [66]:  

66_fath_j.jpg (130921 bytes)   ray_jan_mason.jpg (149785 bytes)  Janice and Ray Mason


My remaining memory of Janice Fath was as Ray Mason's steady girlfriend. I was hitchhiking to or from somewhere and Ray and Janice picked me up in the customized white 55 or 56 Plymouth that Ray had bought from one of the Varner boys (Ray or Donny, I'm not sure). Last I heard, Ray and Janice have been happily married for many years.  


Roger Ferguson [66]:  

66_ferguson_r.jpg (135993 bytes)


Erna Fick [66]:

I only remember Erna Fick [66] as Judy's sister.  


66_fick_e.jpg (183032 bytes)


Judy Fick [64]:  

  Judy Fick's page


Dave Fink [65]:  


Dave made the following comment in my '64 yearbook:



            To a good ol English buddy. Remember that

  party we had that Friday night, Boy o' boy 

were you...................

            Don't do too many things wrong.


            "64-65"  "Davey""


I probably drove around or got caught drinkin' with Dave more times than I should have. I don't know which time he was talking about in his yearbook note to me. Perhaps the volume of alcohol that I consumed killed that memory all together.


I think the last time I saw Dave was after he graduated from Meridian, probably in late '65 or early '66. When he pulled up to one of the pumps in his shiny new yellow Corvette Sting Ray where I was working as a gas station attendant at the Bay Station on Ashman in Midland and, on seeing him, was green with envy for more than one reason. I had lost my deferment because I wasn't taking enough hours at Delta College and got drafted. I dropped out of school because I couldn't avoid the service but, to avoid the Army, I joined the Air Force and was given an enlistment date of February 6, 1966.


Somehow Dave got a lot luckier than that. At the time anyway, I think that he was somehow able to avoid the draft and, through his dad or some other relative, got a job at Saginaw Steering Gear.  Here I am, driving an old Renault Dauphine, just gettin' by on $1.70 an hour and looking at 4 years of involuntary servitude while he was making three or four times that much, could easily afford that new Corvette while still living at home and was looking at an easy continuation of teenage life as usual.


I suspect the apparent greener pastures (or, in this case, a yellow Corvette) on Dave's side of life was just the green of envy at the time.  


Another recollection:


In addition to her friendship with Bob Davids, Connie Williams also told me a little about the time she spent with Dave Fink...

...The next character on [your list of memories] that I remember is Dave Fink. Actually I was enamored (silently of course) with his older brother John...but he was too old.  The summer between junior and senior years he took a shining to me. He just lived a short curvy road from me. So we would meet and tease one another and horse around. Then things got a little emotionally attached. One afternoon Dave's Mom was out so we went to his house and things got carried away and we made out for a while. It must have been one of my first attempts because I felt really guilty about what had happened. It must have been flustering for Dave too because he was hovering around me like a mother hen while he walked me home. After that we just had a close friendship and dated that summer. Whenever I smell Shalimar perfume I think of Dave because he gave me my first bottle. Once school started we parted and the next thing that is permanently enmeshed in my memory was his wreck in the banana yellow Corvette. Just after it happened our bus came up upon the accident and the police hadn't arrived yet. Dave was out of the car bleeding pretty badly and I freaked. The bus driver wouldn't stop and I cried hysterically. By the way the song on the radio was "Tell Laura I Love Her"!!! I can't listen to this song without getting chills.

I don't remember much more about Dave after that but I do know he married Cindy Thorsberg from Midland ...

Yours Truly,



Chuck Finney [66]:  


66_finney_c.jpg (184914 bytes)


Joanell Finney [65]:  


I will always remember Joanell Finney as Jerry Beebe 's girlfriend. As a couple, they always seemed like a good match and from the way that Jerry talked about her, I was almost certain that they would go on after they graduated, get married and live like a prince and princess until 'death do us part'.


I never knew why but was shocked when they broke up and even more shocked when Joanie eventually hooked up with, pardon my expression, an }L%@&#~X! like Jim Brink. I don't know what happened to her but I sure hope her life turned out better than I thought it might if she stayed with Jim for very long. Hopefully, Jim was able to change significantly from what I knew about him at the time.



Pamalee Fishtorn [66]:  

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James Fitzgerald [67]:


Karen Francis [66]:  

66_francis_k.jpg (210863 bytes)


Norma Francis [65]:  

65_francis_n.jpg (173208 bytes)


Norma said in my yearbook,



Good luck to all you may do in the future

and take it easy on all the pretty girls.


A friend always,

Norma Francis



My last memory of Norma is kind of unusual. She was collecting money at the gate to Francis Grove one summer day when I went to swim (actually, I probably almost never went there to swim, looking for girls was the more likely excuse). I think Bob Bailey may have been the lifeguard and, when he had to go the bathroom, he asked me to sit in the chair until he got back. I would have probably been hard pressed to save my own buns if I got in trouble in the water let alone save someone else's butt but who could pass up lookin' as cool as a lifeguard so, of course, I said yes.


Anyway, I'd been sitting there for a few minutes when some kid came running up to the chair and said "Hi!". I returned his greeting and when I asked him what I could do for him and he said, "I don't know. Norma just told me to com e up and say 'Hi' to you." I was baffled by the situation but I said something like "OK, see ya later." and he left.


After Bob got back to take his place on the lifeguard stand, I went to the gate to ask Norma why she wanted that kid to say 'Hi' to me.


Norma apparently thought that the kid looked so much like me that she thought I had left and was just returning. After she realized that it wasn't me, she was so convinced that we were look-alikes that she knew if I saw him, it would be as if I was looking in a mirror so she sent him to say hello.  Unfortunately for Norma, I didn't catch on and the kid left before I could check him out again. I have no clue about who he was but the whole idea has always seemed to me like a good start for a science fiction time travel story about my traveling back in time to say "Hi" to myself.


Roger Francis [65]:


Sally Francis [65]:

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Douglas Fry [66]:  

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Robert Fry [64]:  



Sandy Fry [67]:


Dale Furst [65]:

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Sharon Furst [66]:  

sharon_furst.jpg (71462 bytes)  Sharon Furst Page


Tony Furst [65]:


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