A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook


Airplane Values:

Much of his life has had to do with airplanes and, for 7 years from 1975 through 1982, Max worked for an airplane manufacturer in Chandler, Arizona called Varga Aircraft.  A few pictures of various airplanes that were made there can be seen here.  


In 1986, a few years after the factory closed, with friend and partner, Dan Delany and with much support from friend Steve Marinella, Max began the construction of an experimental Varga airplane called the Aerospec 2150 .  The Aerospec 2150 was first flown by Dan in December of 1989 and can, on occasion, be seen flying around Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona today.


In 1988, Max went to Montana for a year to make airplanes again and designed and constructed a prototype that can be seen here.  


These days, Max spends most of his Saturdays in and around his hangar at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona and does whatever he feels like doing or... whatever project someone drags him into... You can see some of that stuff here.