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Judy Fick [64]:  

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Judy said this in my yearbook:



            Yes, I guess we finally did make it after all these years.

            (Kindergarden -12th). It's been a pleasure knowing such

            a sweet person as you. Good luck in whatever you do.




In reality, it was Judy that was the sweet person and the pleasure of knowing her was all mine.


Judy and I went to school together from the first grade until we graduated. I probably should remember more but the things I remember most about Judy are the things that I donít remember.


That may sound odd but what I mean is, I donít remember her ever saying an unkind word or doing and unkind thing. I donít remember her ever getting angry or even speaking in a loud voice. She was always quiet and polite and, although perhaps a little shy, always friendly. To everyone.


Whatís best is, from her emails to me over the last couple of years, she hasnít changed a bit.


Biography from the 1989 Class of 1964 reunion:




Major Life Events:

Went to Delta for one year. Worked at the Midland Hospital as nurse aide, went to business school. Worked at J.C. Penney, got married in 1967. Worked at Chemical Bank in Midland. Moved to Wyandotte in 1968. Worked at Wyandotte Savings Bank. First born, Paul, in 1970 and second born in 1972. Went into foster parent program thanks to the example of David and Sally Schneider in 1975. Have four more children. Have had over 25 children in our home. Also did child-care during this time. Am now almost out of child care and am working part time as a doctor's assistant, something i've always wanted to do.


Current Activities:

Family, job, volleyball and hobbies occupy most of my time.



Volleyball, crafts, sweepstakes or contesting, coupons and outdoor activities.


Future Plans:

Retirement and to get all the children through school.



Met him through a friend at a drive-in in Bay City. Started dating in May, engaged in October and married in January. Our best man and maid-of-honor married a short time after we did. We all started dating at the same time. They have since divorced and remarried others.



Miss Smith: fifth grade teacher. She made us memorize mottos, which we had to talk about the meaning, which affected us, mostly subconsciously, and about how to treat others. Mr. Christenson; he taught us about being adults. Mrs. Davis; gave me confidence to go to college. Miss Sundias; made English com e alive.



Washington, D.C., Florida, Alabama, Canada and parts of the Upper Peninsula. My first time on an airplane was this spring to Las Vegas.



Married since January 21, 1967. Won a trophy for a three-person volleyball tournament. Our oldest son graduated in June and will attend Wayne State University on a scholarship. I have a nice home, family and job.


Education One year at Delta College.  I received a certificate from Eastern for a course in foster parenting.



An edited email from Judy Fick Bielby to Max Bishop in May of 2000:


After graduation I went to Delta College for one year. Went for the associate program for RN. Made it through one year then received a D in one of the classes I had to have. So would have to take over whenever they would have it again. So decided to try being a nurseís aid e for a while. Decided I really didn't want that kind of nursing. So took some business schooling. Finished that but couldn't find a job in that particular field. So worked at J.C. Penney's for a while. Then married someone I met in Bay City in 1967. Worked at the Chemical Bank for a while. Then we moved to Wyandotte,Mi.(which is between Detroit and Monroe).


Worked at Wyandotte Savings Bank as a proof operator for about five years. Started a family. Worked part-time.


Then we moved to Woodhaven. Decided to work at home doing babysitting and foster care. Did that for about fifteen years.


We have two natural children and five adopted.


Then I worked at a doctorís office as a medical assistant. Checking people in, drawing blood, taking x-rays, doing EKGs, giving injections, etc. Tried that for about six years.


Then went to Head Start as a Special disabilities assistant aide in the classrooms. Did that for about six years then this year I stayed home to watch my granddaughter and home teach the youngest one. We have four boys and three girls. (29,27, 26, 25, 21, 14 and 10) The girls and baby are the only ones at home now. The baby just turned a year on the fifth of the month.


In [our] spare time my husband (Warren) and I play volleyball. Next week we are going to Columbus for National USA volleyball.  We will be playing in the 55 and older division.


I think it is great you have been able to keep in contact with Mary Lou and Bob. I hear a little about some of the people from my mother who still lives on Sturgeon Road. She works on the election board so she gets to see quite a few people when they com e to vote.


I hear from Terry Borden once a year. Email Brenda (Swinson) Hanak, who is Gordon's sister. Saw Gordon last fall.


We went to the 25th Home com ing Game and Reunion. It was great, will tell about that at another time.


Well, have to close for now.

It was great hearing from you.