A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook



 Life's School: 

Summer of '64

The Summer of '65


Life's School: Air Force,  Year One


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Life's School: Air Force,  Year Two


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Life's School: Air Force, Year Three


Life's School: Air Force, Year Four


Life's School: In 1970 Max and family moved to Arizona


School Life: In the fall of 1971, Max returns to college


Life's School: In May of 1975, Max took a job at Varga Aircraft


Life's School: In June of 1982, Varga closed it's doors and Max was on his own


Life's School: February of 1983, Binswanger Mirror and Glass


Life's School: December of 1984, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters


Life's School: December of 1987, Max moves to Montana to make small airplanes again


Life's School: January of 1989, Max moves back to Arizona and his McDonnell Douglas job


Life's School: 2001, Max becomes a manager (again)


Life's School: State of the Union


Life's School: In memory of...