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The kids at Meridian High, M-R


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Michelle Main [66]:  

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Angela Manges [67]:


Gene Mann [67]:


Linda Marcy [67]:



Karin Markwart [65]:  


Ray Mason [64]:  

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Rose Mason [65]:  


Roy Mason [64]:

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Mike Maticka [67]:


Clay Maxwell [66]:  

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Apparently, after I left High School, Connie Williams had a crush on Clay Maxwell that lasted on and off for some time. Here is some of what Connie told me about her feelings about Clay in a 2003 email...

...Did you get to talk to Clay at the reunion? I often wonder how he is... here's a story:

 When we were seniors we were finally a couple and not a 'cat and mouse' match. He asked me to marry and I thought I liked him enough to do that. So we were going to go to MSU together as a married couple until our folks got in on it. To make it short, we agreed to go to school one year and then marry. Well, unfortunately when I hit college and all that freedom I had lots of options to express my deep anger about my life to that point. And as they say, once you've seen the city...  anyway I started meeting a lot of different kinds of people that I had never been exposed to and found it extremely interesting...


Anyway, back to Clay. He would call to go out and I would but things just didn't feel the same then. It was like a kid in a candy shop wanting to check it all out. After a while, I didn't care to see him anymore so every time he called I was out or too busy. He finally understood and enlisted in the Army, leaving me his draft card as a good bye. Ugh! That was really awful, probably equally. His roommate would call me at least once a week to really ream me out and call me all kinds of nasty things. It was horrible.  As it turned out, on my graduation day I received two dozen yellow roses with no card. I'm sure it was from him, it would be his kind of goodbye and good luck as I was engaged by then.  While Clay was in ' Nam he flew Hughies and crashed saving a com rade and broke his back... I felt he never forgave me for his enlistment. 

I've never spoken to Clay at the reunions. Not for not trying though. I would walk up to say hello to him and he would turn away and not speak. It is really sad because after all was said and done, I would probably have gotten back with Clay once the 'glamour' was gone and I'd had my taste of freedom.  So, so, sad what we do in our youthful stupidity.  But then again I may never have hooked up with Clay had our timing had been different.  What is controlling all this?

So, back to the question, did you get to talk to Clay and did you guys talk about helicopters???

Gotta go...be easy.




Gaylord Maxwell [67]:


Larry Maxwell [66]:


John Maynard [66]:


John Mazzoni [66]:


Dixie McClellan [64]:


Douglas McCrary [66]:

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Pat McCrary [67]:


Mike McCrary [64]:


Suzanne McGraw [64]:  


Fred McNeill [66]:


Kathy McRoberts [67]:


Cathy Meyer [67]:


Richard Milk [67]:


Robert Miller [66]:


Bill [Wilson] Mills [65]:  

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Bill Mills [65] was an original "Wild and Crazy Guy" (and may still be from what I hear).



            To a trustworthy, loyal,

            helpful, friendly, courteous,

            kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,

            brave, clean, irreverent clod.

            With friends like you, who needs

            bad luck.

                                    ME, Billie  



Mike Mills [67]:


Tom Milton [67]:


Candy Mitchell [65]:  


Cheryl Mitchell [65]:


Curt Moe [67]:


Pat Moe [64]:


John Mogg [65]:  


Larry Molnar [66]:


Danny Morse [65]:  



Mary Ann Morse [67]:  

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Danny's sister, Mary Ann, had red hair and freckles and laughed at my jokes and juvenile behavior. We kidded around in Science class and danced occasionally at lunchtime. She was shorter than me (a very attractive attribute to us short guys), didn't wear high heels to make herself taller and often wore big poofy skirts and dresses that were, for some reason, attractive to me..


As many girls did, she wore shoes that I think were called “flats” at the time.  At the beginning of the school year, I sat next to Mary Ann and began to notice that she would sometimes cross her legs and let her shoe fall from her heel and dangle it from her toes.

Like a moth to a flame, the motion of her foot bouncing up and down with that dangling shoe would entice me into kicking it up just enough to fall off of her foot. Most of the time she could retrieve it without attracting any attention but occasionally she would have to sit through the whole class without a shoe.


Unfortunately, I must have done that once too often and got caught. I guess I should feel lucky that the only thing that Mr. Spencer did was move me to the row ahead of Mary Ann for the rest of the year. As I mentioned before, for a while at least, Mr. Spencer sometimes found some not so subtle ways to humiliate students who he thought we misbehaving.  


   Ford A. Morse , 84 of Midland died Sunday, November 25, 2007. He was born December 31, 1922 in Fountain, Michigan, son of the late Frank and Emelia (Wallager) Morse. Ford married the former Elma D. Strauch on October 23, 1943 in Dothan, Alabama while Ford was in the Army Airforce. He was a pilot during World War II. He graduated from Michigan State College (MSU) in 1953 with a Bachelorís Degree in Construction Materials and Management. He was the owner of Branson Builders in Midland for many years. He retired in 1989 to spend most of the Winters in Zephryhills, Florida and the Summers at Ford Lake and Sanford.

Ford is survived by his loving wife of 63 years, Elma, daughter Mary Ann Wontorcik, son Douglas Ford Morse (Chandra), granddaughters Lisa Bremer and Ellison Morse, grandson Dean Wontorcik (Adrianne), and great granddaughters Kaitlyn and Madalyn Bremer and Anna Wontorcik. He is also survived by sister-in-laws Janice (Stuart) Gordon, Marian Strauch, Doris Gould and his brother-in-law Frank Bolenbaugh.

Ford was the youngest of nine children and he is preceded in death by all of his siblings and their spouses, Vern (Madelin), Vera (Dewey), Ivan (Esther), Eva (Louis), Glenn (Evea), Carl (Fern), Earl (Nettie), Alta (George), and Little Nina who died at birth. He is also preceded in death by his son, Dan A. Morse in 1992.

Funeral Services for Ford will take place at 11 am Tuesday, November 27th from the Ware Smith Woolever Funeral Chapel, 1200 West Wheeler Street. Rev. Mark Boyce will officiate, with graveside burial rites to take place at 4:15 pm Tuesday at the Bachelor Cemetery in Fountain MI.

Michele Morrison [67]:  


James Murphy [67]:


Joyce Murphy [66]:


Thomas Nankervis [65]:  


William Nankervis [66]:  


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Carol Newcomb [64]:  


Tony Newcomb [67]:


Bonny Newman [67]:


Sandy Nickerson [67]:


Larry Nielsen [66]:  


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Kevin Nilles [64]:

I remember Kevin most from an all day, all night party that may have lasted 2 or three days. See my Sue Hand memory for more details.



Diane O'dell [65]:  


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Bill Olney [65]:  


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Betty Jo Ostrander [64]:  


Kathy Ostrander [?]:


The Ostrander's lived a few houses south of us on Eastman Road.  Although he was a year or two older than me I used to play with Kathleen Ostrander's [65] older brother John a lot while we growing up. I think Kathleen went to a parochial grade school of some sort. She never played outside much from what I remember and I was never allowed to go into their house so I have little memory of her at all.  


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Kathy Overly:  

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Jerry Palmer [64]: No Senior photo.

I remember Jerry Palmer [64] mostly from his penchant to "kiss and tell". He seemed to be unable to the keep the intimate details of his dates to himself. Of course his stories would inevitably draw out a round of bragging from the guys gathering around him and there was no way to tell truth from fiction after while. Although I thought it was kind of a crude thing to do, I'm afraid, at the time, I wasn't above listening in to find out just how far this girl or that girl was willing to go. 


Mike Palmer [66]:


Randy Palmer [67]:


Dorothy Paplinkas [64]:  


Mike Parsons:

Mike Parsons [67] lived just down Eastman Road from our house and I remember playing with him when I was small but don't remember anything about him at high school.


Garold Petee [67]:


Barbara Philo [64]:  


Mary Jane Pierce [67]:



Larry Piper [64]:  


Phyllis Potts [67]:


Sandra Potts [65]:  


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William Potts [67]:


Jim Poznel [66]:  


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Bob Pyle [65]:  


Sally Randall [67]:


Suzanne Raveling [67]:


Becky Reid [66]:


Linda Reid [65]:  


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Sandra Reist [66]:  


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Bill Reithel [65]:


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T. Renwick [66]:


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Lenny Revior [66]:  


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Suzanne Revior [66]:  


Bill Reese [64]:  


Audrey Richardson [64]:

Audrey was one of the kids from my neighborhood that I grew up with on the bus to school.  She was as nice a person as anyone but, even from the time we were small, would often swear like a boy when she had the urge. I liked that about her. When she started going with Chuck Sasse, I thought it was a good match. Chuck was always kind of rowdy and he seemed to settle down some with Audrey around.



Velsor Richardson [67]:


Albert Richmond [65]:


Phyllis Richmond [66]:


Sharon Richmond [64]: No Senior photo.


Roger Riggie [65]:  


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Betty Robbins [66]:  


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James Robbins [67]:


Chuck Robinson [65]:


Joe Rogers [65]:  


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Laura Rogers [66]:


Sue Roller [67]:


Vaughn Roller [64]:  



A March 2001 email from Vaughn:




Thanks so much for the e-mail. I certainly do remember you.

I have done a lot of things since high school graduation. I attended General

Motors Institute for two years and then transferred to Michigan State where I

received my engineering degree and an MBA in marketing. From there I spent

about 8 years in Bay City working in several executive positions in the food

industry. I returned to the academic world in 1979 to pursue doctoral

studies in applied economics at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. I held a

marketing faculty position at Northeastern University in Boston while

finishing my doctoral dissertation. In 1984, I started a computer software

company in the Boston area and worked with it until 1996 when I sold out. I

then worked as VP of marketing for a Dallas based software company that I

left when it was sold recently. I am currently working from my home

northeast of Boston as an independent consultant advising start-up high tech



I have 4 children: a daughter studying veterinary medicine at the University

of Wisconsin Madison, a son in the music and real estate businesses in Los

Angeles, a son starting college this September (where still TBD but probably

Notre Dame or Cornell) and a daughter who is in the 10th grade. My wife

Karen owns a retail store in our seaside town and I spend my spare time on

our boat in the summer and skiing in the winter.


Great to hear from you. Please stay in touch.




Carol Rooker [64]:  


Pamela Roth [65]:


Janice Kay Rydell [64]:  

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