A Baby Boomer's Scrapbook

School Life 

Sharon Furst [66]:  

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            To one of the nicest guys I know.

            Always remember all the fun we've

            had together. The parties and at school, Ha..


                                    Love ya,

                                    Sharon Furst



I went out with Sharon one time that I remember. I think we met at a dance or some school event and she and I went parking in my dad's Corvair Greenbriar Van along with Butch Sasse and Audrey Richardson.


We found a good place to park and Sharon and I were makin' out hot and heavy in the front seat (at least as hot and heavy as Sharon would allow) but I couldn't believe what Butch and Audrey were doin' in the back seat. I'd only been out on a few double dates before but I'd never seen or heard of anyone doing what they did. It was very distracting.


What were they doing? Talking, just talking. I mean, you could talk almost anywhere and no one would care. Why, with such a precious few hours alone (well almost alone) in the dark, would any red blooded young couple think of doing such a thing? Wasn’t that something that only married people did?


Must have had and adverse affect on me. I never doubled with Butch and Audrey (…or Sharon) again.